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Snatch to 1RM: 160,170 (f),170# (PR) #crossfit #olympicweightlifting

Wanted to test my 1RM overhead squat after hearing the CrossFit Games announcement. I got 210lb which is a 10lb PR. After this attempt I thought it would be a great idea to go for 240lb. (Yeah, not smart at all.) I ended up barely missing the jerk.

340# Back Squat PR!

Hit 330# for a 5# PR on Sunday and today I went for a heavy single and got 340# at 146.8# BW. 10# PR in 4 days! High frequency beltless squats are working really well for me.

215lb Power Clean (10# PR)

Katy Perry just happened to be playing on the radio again.

(It’s a coincidence, I swear.)

Video: 245lb Clean (PR)

Worked up to 245# for a heavy beltless front squat single and then I felt like doing a clean ladder.

Clean Ladder (1-2 minutes rest): 135,145,155,165,175,185,195,205,215,225,235 (miss),235,245 (PR),250# (miss)

Haven’t hit a clean PR since last October!

Front Squat PR

I’ve been doing beltless front squats/pause front squats for the past 6 weeks and today I went for a heavy single with a belt and I hit 275# for a 10# PR! Keep it constantly varied, yo.

Felt like maxing out this morning. Was not a smart idea.

Snatch: 6X1 135,145,155 (miss),175 (miss),175 (miss),175# (miss)

Clean & Jerk: 4X1 135,155,175,195# (stopped here because my jerk needs work)

Clean: 4X1 215,235,250 (miss),245# (miss)

Some BTN Power Jerks from Friday. Working on technique.

4X1 185,190,195,200#

Training Log: 03/13/14

Snatch (low blocks): 7X1 85,90,95,100,105,110,115#

Back Squat: 6X1 185,205,225,245,265,285# 1X8 260# (PR)

Kang Squat: 5X3 65#

5X250 m Row (1:30 rest): 1:00.7, 1:01, 0:59.8, 1:00.9, 1:01

5 Hang Power Snatch (70#) on even minutes and 3 Strict Deficit HSPUs on odd minutes for 20 minutes

Pause Squat (5 seconds): 5X1 225#

20 minutes on bike: 3.64 miles

Decline Sit-ups: 6X10 BW

I haven’t made an update in a while, but training has been going well and I’ve been hitting PRs every week. Here’s a video of me squatting 260# for a new 8RM at a body weight of 145#. My goal is to squat 400# at 145# BW before 2015.

1.5X BW Push Press PR (215#). I need to start training in sweatpants more often. @kendrickjfarris #crossfit